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Your Bitter-half?

January 29, 2013
Rough Hand

Of all the annoying things in the world, physical spousal abuse is most irritating to me. I mean, how could someone in his or her common sense, or should I say proper sense lift his or her hand to beat the partner?

This may not be a new topic to you reading this, at least it’s new to this blog, but believe me, until the world ends, spousal abuse will continue and if nothing is done to curtail it, then it will become a trending item on social media where wives or husbands will proudly display pictures of their disgraceful acts.

You may wonder ‘why on earth would anyone go that far?’ well the simple answer is to prove to friends and outsiders that they are in “control”.

For the sake of those who are going through this torture, my personal advice to you is escape! RUN!

For me, I think it is the quickest and safest option until hopefully, your better, sorry bitter half has undergone mental, spiritual and psychological rehabilitation and total revamp.

Staying put in the name of “I have nowhere to go” or “what about the children” or “who will take care of him/her when I’m not there?” is unnecessary. Maybe you need to look at it from another perspective (just in case you haven’t): When you are killed due to continuous battering, who will take care of your children?

When you are buried in the family or general cemetery (or worst case-your body donated as cadaver to medical students), who will look after your better- (sorry I keep doing that) bitter-half?

When your memory is long forgotten, (which might be…say one month max), what can you do about anything?

Think deep! Where there is life, there is hope. A living dog is better than a dead lion.

For the rest of us, who may not be as unfortunate as some of our counterparts may, what can we do to help curtail this evil acts faced by many? At least there should one of us reading this who knows somebody going through this problem. You can help save a life by standing up for them. If they run to you, do not turn your back on them or shut the door in their face. Worst still don’t say the four-letter-word (I Told You So). They don’t need that now.

I believe there is a body set up to fight for the rights of women, maybe they need to create an arm for abused men too.

This write-up is applicable to dating couples!

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