It Is Time Get On The Right Bus

February 20, 2013
Bus Inside

I cannot help but talk about the recent but untimely visits of the Grim Reaper to the abode of many young people. Yes, death is inevitable, but when it comes like a sudden plague sweeping through town, and taking with it those yet to hit the prime of life, I have no choice but to be concerned.

In less than 2 weeks, I was hit with the shocking news of the premature deaths of 5 unrelated young people within the age bracket of 24-38 yrs. It is indeed alarming!

I have even gone as far as likening these recent occurrences to a horror movie where people trapped in a haunted house suddenly start to disappear one after the other leaving the remaining ones in a state of confusion and fear of “who will be next?”

Sadly 90% of these deaths could have been avoided. Why do I say so? When I hear the cause of some of these deaths, I wonder if the person did not receive proper medical attention or did not receive any at all. On the other hand, could it be that the person found out too late the extent to which they were affected by the ailment and there was little or nothing the doctors could do? Unfortunately, even if we had the answer to the question “why?,” it will never bring these people back to life. The reality is that they are gone never to return.

Its not too late to get off the wrong bus.

Another reality we must face is that we may meet them again, not in this world but the next. Just like their departure was unknown, the hard truth is ours is unknown too, except of course, the good Lord keeps us till the trumpet for the rapture is blown… and we are caught up.

But par adventure we depart this world before the rapture, are we certain of our final destination?

This life we currently live in can be likened to a parable of two buses headed to two different destinations. One bus has on it “free ride to wherever” while the other has a specific destination. Some of the passengers on board the free ride bus know where they are headed and some just hop in for the fun of it. Very few deliberately get their tickets and board the bus with a specific destination.

“Free ride to wherever” bus will only lead to nowhere and nowhere can lead to disaster (hell). It is not too late to get off the wrong bus and join the heaven bound bus. The good news is you have a ticket already purchased for you with your name on it. Just claim it using the name of Jesus Christ and get on board the right bus headed to the final destination we all look forward to- Heaven.

Which bus are you on board right now?

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