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The Woman In The Mirror

June 21, 2013
Woman with Mirror

We are familiar with the saying that beauty starts from the inside and radiates on the outside. Application of cosmetics and fashionable wears is just a compliment. In other words, beauty is beyond our outward appearance. So what has this got to do with the gateway to the soul?

If beauty radiates from the inside to the outside, then ugliness and filth also radiates from the inside to the outside. It is what we are on the inside that will eventually manifest on the outside for all to see.

The application of cosmetics on our physical bodies determines how attractive or repulsive we look. Same applies to our inward beings- This means that something is responsible for the beauty or filth we manifest from the inside to the outside.

The things we allow into our souls are what makes us or mars us as women and how do these things find their way into our souls?

Let us start with the Eyes

The eye, as someone said, is the mirror to the soul. What we feed them with is what our hearts will always remember and possibly crave for. It is very possible that greed uses this channel to penetrate our souls thereby causing us to desire for things we don’t have or even need. This ultimately leads to jealousy and hatred. If we will be truthful to ourselves, there are many times we desire to have something we see with another person-even though we don’t need it, we want to have it just to be in the league of those who have it.

“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

When we don’t get it, we can go to any length to acquire it. Some of us could cheat, steal, lie, or even harm others just to get what we want. We don’t care whose ox is gored.

“Where do all the fights and quarrels among you come from? They come from your desires for pleasure, which are constantly fighting within you. You want things, but you cannot have them, so you are ready to kill; you strongly desire things, but you cannot get them, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have what you want because you do not ask God for it. And when you ask, you do not receive it, because your motives are bad; you ask for things to use for your own pleasures.”(James 4:1-3)

Little wonder when we pray to have some things, God doesn’t answer our prayers…our motives for having them is stemmed from pure selfishness.

If we sit back and have a closer look at what we are pursuing, is it really worth all the trouble?

What is that thing you have seen another person have that you must have too?

What is that position you have seen another person attain that you must attain at all cost?

What kind of lifestyle does the other person have that you won’t rest till you live like that?

It all starts with the eyes! What are you feeding your eyes with? Are you feeding them on other people’s possession and positions? Let us feed our eyes with the right things… the word of God and the good we see in others. Let us look for what will draw compassion out of us and go after it.

Once our eyes have fed our hearts to the fullest, it will surely interpret it to the outside world. If we feed our eyes & hearts with greed, envy and hatred, no Mary Kay or MAC eye shadow, no contact lens or mascara  will conceal what lies beneath them; it is only a matter of time and the eye will tell it all.

Feel free to comment on this. God bless.

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