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My Suicide Note

August 12, 2013
Broken Pencil and Crumpled Paper

Dear Reader,

Now I have your attention. Yes, the mere sight of the word ‘suicide’ not to mention ‘note’ beside it is enough to draw anyone’s attention to the matter. That is exactly what suicide does too. It draws the attention of people to the “suicidee”. Unfortunately, this is achieved in a negative light and too late for anyone to do anything about the pending issues faced by the deceased.

Recently I read a story of a promising young lady who tried to take her life but was saved by her friends at the nick of time. Whatever reasons she had for trying to kill herself were not divulged but it happens to stem from the fact that she allowed people’s opinion of what they think she is and what they say about her get into her mind, leading her to depression and finally a state of “my life isn’t worth living.”

This is just one story out of a million round the world that have led many to commit suicide or even attempt it.

My question is; must we wait until something that terrible happens to someone before we realise our love and attention was needed? Where does our priority lie? Can we boldly say that we know what our loved ones and other people around us are going through emotionally and otherwise? Most times, we are too focused on ourselves, (work, clothes, rent, etc) that we turn a blind eye to the person next to us. We think the world revolves around us, but forget that it’s Love that actually makes the world go round. Love your neighbour as yourself, love one another, just as I have loved you! (Mark 12:31 & John 15:12)

If you had no one to love you, how would it feel loving only yourself? Believe me, it would be depressing. It would be like a world where you live all alone, no one to share your hearts issues with. Even if you say you would talk to God, would He talk back to you?

Suicide is 100% preventable, Speak Up, Reach Out

These people who are suicidal need our love. It is not written on their faces nor do they carry placards saying “I am suicidal”. They are around us every day. It could be a colleague at work, a course mate in school, a next door neighbour, or even our own friends and relatives. Some of them hide their torment in fake smiles, expensive clothes/jewellery and deceive us with their glitz and glamour of showbiz. Some may not be so skilled in hiding theirs as their status in life exposes the depth of their frustration and struggles in life. But then, some of us take it for granted that life is everyman for himself, God for us all-(I plead guilty here).

According to the World Health Organisation-WHO, Suicide is among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44 years in some countries, and the second leading cause of death in the 10-24 years age group; these figures do not include suicide attempts which are up to 20 times more frequent than completed suicide.

It is also reported that every year, almost one million people die from suicide; a “global” mortality rate of one death every 40 seconds.

The rate is alarming and will only get worse because there are many souls out there in need of help, love and attention and they are not getting it because we (the supposedly stable ones) are too blind or to deaf to see or hear their silent SOS.

Rather than stretch out a helping hand and loving word to them, we sometimes unknowingly, push them off the precipice with the way we treat them or the terrible things we say to hurt them.

Just one more hurtful word can aid the devil to push someone into suicide. But also just one kind and loving word is all the person needs to step back from the cliff and start life afresh.

A cold shoulder, mean or snobbish attitude can direct a hurting soul to the wrong bend. But also remember that a kind gesture is all the person may need to see the brighter side of life again.

Let us pause a moment, forget about ourselves for just 2 minutes and think about someone else who is screaming for help and love. Remember, their screams may be in the form of a noisy and overtly dramatic behaviour or it could just be in an isolated or “solo” lifestyle.

A good deed, a kind word to someone everyday can save a soul from the dangerous bend and even add more to our own lifespan.

Show Love for God is love.


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  • Reply Anonymous August 12, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    We are all culprits of this me, myself & I syndrome. If only we can learn to share, not just in money but time, to show some love to the next man then our world will be a more better place.

    I have made up my mind from this moment to start from the man in the mirror to be the best I can be.

  • Reply Unyime-Ivy King August 21, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Interesting piece, Iby. I agree that we should be attuned to the people around us, but you cannot pick up distressed signals except there is a measure of closeness. That being said, we live in a world that is full of trouble and everyone has their fair share of them, never mind the "I've -got -got-it-all-together" facade. Troubles and and challenges are not enough to make one want to give up on life. As long as we have breathe, we will experience troubles.

    However, we may not be able to save the world, but we can start from our small corners and reach out to the people we can. Thanks for sharing sis.

  • Reply Olamide Abels October 9, 2013 at 11:55 am

    This is such an interesting topic. the unfortunate thing is we don't get to ask the people who committed suicide, why they did. A lot of people are hurting around us and like you said, it usually is not written on their faces.

    We need to take focus off ourselves and be more people conscious. the world is a better place when we reach out to people in need.

    I have also found that depression has a way of closing you in a dark box, you cannot seem to find the light. It is even worse when you have nothing to look forward to, all you can think off is how to end it all. We can only appeal to people going through stuffs like this to seek help in the right places.

    God help us all.

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