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Cecil was just a lion, and now he’s dead

July 31, 2015

All this quarrel and noise on social media over a dentist turned hunter and the world’s favourite predator turned prey/victim is really paining my eyes and ears. What’s all the hullabaloo about?

Please don’t get me wrong o, I’m not in support of what Walter Palmer did but when I think of it, what’s the difference between what he did and what hunters do daily in the wilds of Africa? Is it because they just knew of one lion that someone chose to christen Cecil? How many nameless lions and other endangered species are killed daily in the wild- even in that America sef?

There are many Americans who boast in hunting skills by hanging the stuffed heads of their games on the walls of their houses. Abi na lie I talk?   How many of these gamers are arrested or killed for their hobby? As far as I’m concerned, lions are as scarce as stags (male deer), bears, moose, buffalo or even bison.

I’m personally against poaching animals in their natural habitat-let them be but neither can I stop hunters from doing their thing. Better they hunt animals than humans.

If Walter Palmer had murdered a human being in that same manner or even slit the throat of one of his vulnerable patients, the worst he would get would be a life sentence and his lawyer would plead a case of insanity for him. But because he killed a lion, he gets to hang for it? If it were the other way round (which has happened a lot of times) what would become of Cecil? Would people stand up to fight for Walter? How many of these ajin-jipeople would dare approach Cecil’s den to throw stuffed human dolls or plastic dolls and stick up posters reading slogans like “Cecil you are a cowardly lion & a killer!” “#Humanlivesmatter” “Rot in hell” (or wherever animals go to when they die) or “Cecil why did you kill Walter?”

My out-of-this-world-suggestion: All these human right activists (HRC & co) need to sit in a closed, open or partially closed/open door meeting with the animal right activist/ People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and come to a conclusion on drawing the line between animals and humans hunting themselves.

So what am I saying? Cecil was just a lion, and now he’s dead. Killing Walter won’t stop other hunters from hunting the likes of Cecil. Only God knows how many animals are being hunted and killed right now as you read. Punish Walter Palmer if you may, but stay off the death or life sentence.

After all, man was made to hunt.

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