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Get Rid Of That Philistine Woman!- Ridding ourselves of the Spirit of Manipulation

August 24, 2015

To manipulate as defined by the dictionary is to control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously. Eg: “John accused Sylvia of manipulating him to spending his money indiscriminately” I have so many times heard the phrase, ‘use what you have to get what you want.’ And most of the time this phrase is supposed to manipulation address the female folk. When I first heard this phrase was in a movie and it was addressed to a young woman who was physically attractive in all aspects. Of course she was a virgin who had made up her mind to remain chaste until marriage. Unfortunately, she needed a job desperately to make ends meet for her poor family. This phrase was said to her by a bad friend who advised her to use her body to get quick cash from those wealthy goons longing to have her. Sadly the girl couldn’t keep her promise for long as she caved in to that wrong advice and she later became a ‘runs girl’. She used her body to get what she wanted. Of course, in the long run it didn’t end well with her.

Manipulation is as powerful and dangerous a weapon to those who wield it as to those it’s used against. And to be sincere as I can be, manipulation is 100% ungodly and 100% devilish. A woman who manipulates anyone especially her man to get what she wants is first and foremost a weak woman. She is nothing close to being strong. The best word to describe such is a trickster and that is one of the characteristics of the devil.

If we go back in time – Bible time, we will observe that most women who manipulated men were ungodly women. All through my study of the scriptures, I never really found a godly woman (woman of faith) use manipulation to have her way- except of course Tamar who deceived Judah only because he deceived her first.

The rest were women who knew their places and respected their husbands. If they had to have their way, it wasn’t by manipulation but by words of wisdom and honour.

How does manipulation destroy both the manipulator and the victim?

For the Manipulator: Her actions will definitely backfire. See how it turned out for Samson’s wife – the woman from Timnah. She manipulated her husband into revealing a secret not even his parents knew about. She used tears and one of the lamest lines of manipulation: ‘you don’t love me’. In the end she was killed by the same people she thought she was helping.

For the victim: He could end up suffering a great loss or ends up breeding bitterness in his heart. Example is Samson. He was manipulated and fooled twice by philistine women (his wife from Timnah & Delilah). The end result was the loss of so many lives at the hand of Samson.

In a nut-shell, ladies, if you use tears, nagging, ‘you don’t love me’ lines, or whatever tricks you have up your sleeves to manipulate your man to doing what he shouldn’t do, I can only say this: Send that Philistine woman in you packing!

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