A Blemished Wedding Dress

February 21, 2017


I watched the Nigerian movie “Wedding Party” and a scene where the bride’s veil got torn on her way to church, reminded me of something similar, if not worse that happened to me on my wedding day.

On the morning of my wedding day, as I was leaving the house for church with my family, there were two cars available. One was to convey me, my dad & step mom while the other was to convey my siblings and the photographer. For whatever reason, I insisted that my chief bridesmaid (my sister) join me in my car.

As the car was in motion, she tried adjusting herself to sit properly next to me when the car got into a bump. This of course destabilised her movement forcing her to fall over me and bam! Her lipstick smeared my white bolero.

I was glad we arrived church a little early so I could have enough time to try to remove the lipstick stain. The stain was so obvious because it was at the front. We tried all we could to get rid of the stain before the guests started arriving but there was little we could do. Nobody expected this sort of accident otherwise we would have carried some form of emergency toolkit containing bleach too.

I managed to use the bolero all through the church service and order of photographs, but as soon as I got to the wedding reception, I pulled it off and enjoyed the rest of the wedding party in my spaghetti sleeve wedding dress.
Every bride must never think her wedding dress is immune or free from any accident/blemish. She can only be very cautious.

The same applies to every Christian (male & female alike) looking forward to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Bridegroom and we the Church (Christians) are His Bride. Ephesians 5:26-27 summarises that He is coming for a glorious Bride without wrinkles or blemish. To remain spotless and blemish free for our Groom, we must avoid anything that would soil us. Just as a bride in her wedding gown must not be found meddling with anything that could soil her dress, so also a Christian must not be found meddling in anything that would spoil or ruin their lives-both spiritually & physically.

If I had allowed my sister join the others in the other car, as was the original plan, I probably would not have gotten my dress smeared with lipstick. Point being, if you avoid sin, you will not regret it. However, if you feel you have already meddled in sin and you would be ashamed at His (Jesus) appearing, it is not too late to get those stains and wrinkles removed. The Blood of Jesus can make you as white as snow again (Isaiah 1:18) All you have to do is repent of those sins, confess them to Him and He will forgive you, cleanse you and make you His spotless and faultless Bride.

He is coming sooner than expected.

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