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May 24, 2017

“Red is the colour of extremes. It’s the colour of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the colour of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.”

“The bull symbolizes fighting ability and male fertility while the symbol of the bull stands for valor and magnanimity ever since the prehistoric times.

18 stars, representing the 18 Local Government Areas of Cross River State; the 18 stars are arranged peacefully, unified…”

Cross River State Government’s description of the new logo design.

I may not be an indigene of Cross River State but as a daughter of neighbouring Akwa Ibom state, sharing a few cultural/traditional values and similarities in language, I think I have a sense of responsibility to air my views on the recent change of the state’s logo.

The new logo is a capital NO in so many ways. It does not represent Cross River State or her tourism strengths in any way whatsoever. From the colour, to the animal symbol and then the stars just messes the state’s rep. I truly cannot exhaust the many faults with the new logo- I leave that to the experts to rip it to smithereens. But below are my personal opinions and observations:

Colour Red

Red may be a bold, daring and strong colour to the eyes, but in most cases than not, it doesn’t spell anything friendly or inviting. Though I may not be an expert on colours, one thing I do know however is that the colour red strongly connotes death (blood) or danger on the ladder of colour interpretations before any other mild meaning you can give. In Nigeria in particular, sacrificial items are mostly accompanied with something red in colour. So red as a state’s background colour would repel than attract.


First and foremost, we do not have these type of bulls in Nigeria! Even if we do, they are a rare species because they are not native to us. The specie of bull used in the logo is more American than African. Secondly, the symbolic meaning given for the use of the bull may sound convincing but this isn’t the proper thing to represent a state known to be rich in variety of sea food and with an extravagant but permit me to use ‘sexy way’ in their command of the waters. What happened to the symbol of the fish on the previous logo? For the benefit of those who don’t know, that symbol is a fish and not a snail as perceived by some people. One place I can bet on getting the best fish (smoked, ice or fresh) in Nigeria is in Cross River State amongst other seas foods (crayfish, shrimps, periwinkles, etc. A bull? Common! Leave that to the Northern Herdsmen.

18 Stars

I really do not understand why the number of local governments must be represented on the logo. Not necessary in my opinion. Nobody complained that their LGA was marginalised in the previous logo. The explanation that they are being arranged in a unified and peaceful way is like trying to say something tried separating the LGA’s before now but it has been surmounted. If that is so, good for you. However, if in future a new LGA is called for, will another star or stars be added to the logo? That would mean shrinking the size of each star from the current size. I bet you the other LGA’s won’t like that. Honestly, the stars have no business being on the logo. If anything must replace it, it should be the State’s motto: The Nation’s paradise- as seen on the previous logo.

If anything had to be done to the previous logo, I would suggest an improvement and not a total change. Maybe increase the number of fish playing in the water and a few other creative suggestions which I can share…at a fee of course.

This new logo is a total wardrobe malfunction of the state’s image.

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